Protection included with every HSB Total Cyber™ Policy

Cybercriminals often consider small firms attractive given their lack of technological sophistication as well as the information they may possess, including sensitive client data. The consequences of a cyber attack are significant, and HSB's coverage can help protect against lost work product and documents, costs incurred to access and repair damaged systems, and third-party claims arising from data breaches. 

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Data Compromise Response

Covers costs resulting from a breach of personally identifiable information, such as IT Forensics, Legal, Crisis Management, Notification, Services to Affected Individuals, and Regulatory and Payment Card Industry (PCI) Fines and Penalties. 

Computer Attack

Covers system restoration, data restoration, and data re-creation resulting from unauthorized access, malware, or a DDoS attack on your networks.

Loss of Business

Covers your loss of business income resulting from a computer attack.

Cyber Extortion

Covers the cost of an investigator or negotiator retained by you after an extortion threat and amounts paid by you in response to the threat.

Financial Fraud

Covers your direct financial loss from a criminal deception or other cyber fraud event.

Identity Recovery

Covers identity recovery services and expense reimbursement resulting from identity theft of owners or partners of the business and their spouses.

Data Compromise Liability

If you are sued for losing your customers' personal information, this pays for your legal costs (attorney fees and settlement costs).

Network Security Liability

If you are sued for spreading malware, causing a DDOS attack, losing corporate data, or prevent authorized access to a system, this pays for your legal costs (attorney fees and settlement costs).

Electronic Media Liability

If you are sued for infringement, defamation, or violating a person's privacy as a result of your electronic publications, this pays for your legal costs (attorney fees and settlement costs).

What makes HSB Total Cyber™  different?


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No annual payment or huge down payment required. Pay your monthly premiums quickly with a credit or debit card.


Three customizable options ensure you only pay for what you need. Our rating logic tailors your program to your business, not someone else's.

Top 3 reasons you need Cyber Insurance

A cyber attack occurs every 20 seconds

The odds of you becoming a victim of a cybercrime are greater than experiencing a loss due to flood or fire.

A data breach can be devastating to your business

Nearly 40% of cybercrime victims spent $50,000 or more responding to the attack.

You don't have to be
a big business

Nearly 50% of all data breaches target small businesses.

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protect your business through the Mastercard Trust Center.

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HSB is AM Best A++ (Superior) rated, and part of the Munich Re family of global companies.


Coverage is provided by The Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company (“HSB”). Terms, conditions and exclusions apply. Bultman Financial Services, Inc. (“Bultman Financial”) and HSB Associates, Inc. (“HSB Associates”) are licensed P&C insurance producers. Bultman Financial and HSB Associates receive compensation based on certain insurance policies sold by HSB. Further information is available upon request.


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